Neo-liberalism, structural adjustment and poverty reduction strategies.

Very brief notes from Chapter 2.5 in the Companion to Development Studies. The rise of neo-liberalism: Oil price increases 1973 & 1979 – slowed economic growth, triggered debt crisis 1981-2 Failure of Keynesian… Continue reading

Cidade de Deus

The Brazillian authorities have long battled the drug runners in the nation’s slums – the notorious favellas have been a serious social issue since they were spawned by waves of rural-urban migration. The… Continue reading




RIP Joe Frazier.

The Washington Consensus and Beyond

This is a summary of an article written by John Williamson – the man who coined the term the ‘Washington Consensus’. He argues that the term refers to sound economic policy advice and… Continue reading

Neo-Liberalism as Creative Destruction

Notes taken an article written by David Harvey in The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science in 2007. Neo-liberalism has become a hegemonic discourse. How has it achieved such… Continue reading



For the study of political economy, you need no special knowledge, no extensive library, no costly laboratory. You do not even need textbooks nor teachers, if you will but think for yourselves. Henry… Continue reading