The Art of Wu


Friedrich List and National Political Economy

Friedrich List and the Political Economy of the Nation State In this globalised era, the role of the state is increasingly debated. Nationalism is frequently ignored. “The very nature of economics is rooted… Continue reading

The Economic Limitations of Aid.

1) Aid reduced savings and investment studies show increasing foreign aid is correlated with declining domestic savings rates aid causes ‘crowding out’ – it reduces the inflow of foreign money – private investors… Continue reading

Vulture Funds

I received a very interesting email this morning from the The Jubilee Debt Campaign. It concerns ‘vulture funds’ – these are groups of speculators who continue to demand massive debt repayments from the… Continue reading

WIDS 2011

Location: Maths and Stats building Room: MS0.04 Friday 18th November: Pre-Summit taster talk: 17:00 – 18:00 Dr. Molly Scott Cato (Green Party’s spokesperson and Reader in Green Economics at Cardiff School of Management)… Continue reading

Wot Do U Call It?

Wiley / Wot Do U Call It? / XL Dizzee Rascal / I Luv U / XL Dizzee Rascal / Stop Dat / XL Dizzee Rascal / Stand Up Tall / XL Dizzee… Continue reading

New High Focus project

Doha – 10 Years of Failure

Very nice summary article from the Guardian Development blog. Ten years ago, a new World Trade Organisation that put developing country needs at the centre of the international trade negotiation agenda was proposed. The Ministerial Declaration adopted at the… Continue reading

Leamington Community Kitchen

  All proceeds going to the Leamington Community Kitchen, a new project beginning in November. The aim is to cook up spare food from local businesses and organisations and  offer a free meal… Continue reading

It Aint Hard to Tell