War on Want – The WTO

Walt Rostow’s Stages of Growth Model

5 STAGES OF GROWTH:  All societies can be identified within 5 stages: 1) Traditional society: Little understanding of the external world. Productivity can certainly rise but little innovation. Population varies depending on political/social… Continue reading

The State of Africa

  1. Introduction  Scramble for Africalate 19th Century – whole content ruled by European powers. Nearly ½ the national boundaries drawn were straight lines. Little knowledge; the Europeans knew only the coastal African… Continue reading

The Bottom Billion

PAUL COLLIER, 2008  1. FALLING BEHIND AND FALLING APART: THE BOTTOM BILLION: The Third World has shrunk. It is no longer the 1 billion rich and 5 billion poor; the real challenge in… Continue reading

Back in front of a computer..

Starting the blogging again after a year and half out. Forget http://www.cruzerism.blogspot.com – I’ve been blocked from my own blog – so this the new site. Probably going to have more of a focus… Continue reading