Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not for every man’s greed.

I do not believe that multiplication of wants and machinery contrived to supply them to supply them is taking the world a single step nearer its goal… I whole-heartedly detest this mad desire to destroy distance and time, to increase animal appetites and go to the ends of the earth in search of their satisfaction. If modern civilisation stands for all this, and I have understand it to do so, I call it Satanic.

It is theft for me to take any fruit that I do not need, or to take it in a larger quantity than is necessary. We are not always aware of our real needs, and most us improperly multiply our wants and thus unconsciously make thieves of ourselves.

True economics is the economics of justice. People will be happy in so far as they learn to do justice and be righteous. All else is not only in vain but leads to destruction. To teach the people to get rich by hook or by crook is to do them an immense injustice.