No Justice, No Peace

Taken from the Guardian.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) claim that Smiley Culture, otherwise known as David Emmanuel, died after stabbing himself through the heart during a drugs raid at his Surrey home on 15 March 2011.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) conducted an investigation into Emmanuel’s death. The summary of their final report – the coroner has asked that the full report is not made public or shared with Emmanuel’s family – condemns the raid as significantly flawed and compels the MPS to overhaul the way they plan and execute future drug seizures.

Merlin Emmanuel, the singer’s nephew, said his family has reacted to the IPCC findings with “anger, resentment and resilience” and accused the watchdog of treating them with “contempt”.

None of the officers involved in the death of Emmanuel was suspended, and the IPCC’s decision to treat them as witnesses and not suspects mean they were never formally interviewed.

Emmanuel’s family want to know why the four officers handcuffed him after his fatal injury, even though an independent pathologist’s report stated that the stab wound would have caused “rapid collapse and death within a few minutes”.

They also question why the officer at the time of Emmanuel’s death refused a direct request by the IPCC’s lead investigator to give a formal interview.

They will now launch a private prosecution against the officers involved in the tragedy