Occupy Warwick Events

Here is the schedule so far, more to be arranged.

Friday (25th)

4pm – TALK Prof. Nick Lawrence (English Department)

7pm – MUSIC/ACTIVITY: Occupy The Airwaves – Group session – If you have a guitar or other instrument, please bring it along

8pm – EVENT: Performance / entertainment / music (please get in touch if you would like to contribute)

Saturday (26th)

 2pm – TALK: Ruth Pearce (Sociology Department) – The Marketisation of the University


Sunday (27th)

4pm – 6pm – WORKSHOP: Writing about Occupation – Gah-Kai Leung

Monday (28th)

10am -TALK: Dr. Nicola Pratt (Politics Department) – The Egyptian Uprising

2pm – TALK: Prof. Thomas Docherty (English Department)

4pm – TALK: Oliver Davis (French Department) – What is a protest movement?

Tuesday (29th)

12pm – TALK: Jayan Nayar (School of Law) – Why Occupy?

3pm– TALK: Dr. Graeme McDonald (English Department) – The Movement between Neo-liberalism and Education in the devolved UK

4pm – TALK: Nick Hewlett (French Department) – May 68 Uprisings

Prof.  Neil Lazarus (English Department) – TBC


Wednesday (30th)

3pm – OPEN DISCUSSION – Prof. Miguel de Beistegui (Philosophy Department) – Neo-liberalism and Education