EDL Attack Occupy Newcastle Protestors

Taken from Unite Against Fascism.

Fascist thugs attacked Occupy Newcastle protestors camped in the city centre last night.

Supporters of the English Defence League, its splinter “Infidels” group and the National Front had gathered in Newcastle city centre earlier in the day in an attempt to harrass and threaten the protestors, who are part of the worldwide Occupy movement campaigning against corporate greed and inequality.

A group of around 20-30 fascist thugs then returned to physically attack the protestors in the small hours of the morning, at around 4am. The protestors were punched and kicked, one was stamped on and bricks were thrown.

The attack on peaceful protestors against corporate greed shows the increasingly fascist direction of the EDL and its splinter groups. They are best known for vicious anti-Muslim racism.

But in recent months, EDL supporters have attacked trade unionists, socialists, anti-cuts campaigners and other other traditional targets of fascism as well as members of ethnic minorities. EDL thugs even inaded the News From Nowhere radical bookshop in Liverpool.

UAF national officer Martin Smith, who today spoke about the EDL at OccupyLSX outside St Pauls, in London, said the attack showed the danger that the fascist EDL street thugs represent.

Martin will speak about the EDL, and how we can counter the racists and fascists, at the Tent City University set up outside St Paul’s between 1pm and 3pm on Sunday.

He said:

The attack on Occupy Newcastle in the middle of the night shows the nature of these fascist thugs. We need to unite and defend each other from the racists and fascists of the EDL and its splinter groups.

They target Muslims and members of ethnic minority groups, left-wing groups, anti-cuts protestors and workers’ organisations. We should all stand together against the EDL – it is the enemy of of us all.