Justice is Served

A concise and perfectly written piece from the Just Do It film handout.

Acting against climate change is not just about trying to ‘save the planet’. Whilst that also key, and preserving ecological diversity is certainly a motivator for some environmental activists, the fight against climate change is also an issue of justice and equality. We in the West have historically been the cause of the vast majority of emissions, and thus for much of the damage that has been done so far. But it’s not us feeling the serious effects to date – the people at the frontline, dealing with the impacts of climate change are largely those who are least responsible for it. So when people use the term ‘climate justice’, what they really mean is the recognition that those of us who made the mess, or benefited from its results should play a greater part in clearing it up. It’s more than just relevant for the future of the environmental movement: it’s the direction in which we should be heading.

Like it or not, there’s going to be some climate change, we;re not going to stop it. So apart from still fighting for it to be much less extreme, we also need to figure how we respond to the impacts it’s going to have on those who are going to suffer the most, and how we go about doing that with humanity and justice.