DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal – 100 Days Update.

It’s been 100 days since the DEC has launched its appeal and the £72 million it has raised has brought significant relief to millions in the area. Humanitarian relief is already making important improvements to conditions in parts of Kenya and Sudan. Somalia, unsurprisingly remains more difficult – this is a country where 1 in 5 children dies before their 5th birthday. In Ethiopia, 44% of the population is chronically undernourished. The situation is still desperate.

Here is a little summary of how the member groups involved in the appeal have spent the money donated so far:

  • Action Aid has reached  86,615 people across affected areas of Kenya through school feeding programmes, help with bore holes, water trucking and by buying cattle.
  • Age UK partners have helped 33,600 people in southern Ethiopia with cash transfer which were mostly used to buy grain or in some cases to pay for healthcare.
  • The British Red Cross is helping support the ICRC which has distributed food to 162,000 people in southern and central Somalia, and is scaling up food programmes to reach 1.2m people.
  • CAFOD has worked through partners in north east Ethiopia and have constructed four deep wells and veterinary facilities that will benefit 120,000.
  • CARE Kenya is helping provide food and water over 400,000 refugees in the Dadaab camps.
  • Christian Aid  has worked through partners to help 113,875 people in northern and central Kenya by tankering water, rehabilitating boreholes and feeding livestock.
  • Concern Worldwide have reached over 200,000 people in Mogadishu and southern Somalia with food vouchers, emergency nutrition and clean water.
  • Islamic Relief has worked in Mogadishu and southern Somalia to give  food aid to 160,000 people and truck water to 120,000 people
  • Merlin has worked in northern Kenya Merlin has screened 7,960 children for malnutrition and has provided therapeutic feeding to 993 children who were severely malnourished.
  • Oxfam has worked through partners in Mogidishu to provide clean water and sanitation to 250,000 displaced Somalis in the growing camps, which will help contain the current cholera outbreak.
  • Plan International has worked in affected regions of Ethiopia to provide food, sanitation and other aid to 181, 768 people.
  • Save the Children is treating over 7,500 acutely malnourished children every month in Somalia and providing support to breast-feeding mothers.
  • Tearfund is supporting its partner World Concern in north east Kenya and southern Somalia to provide water, toilets and health care, household items and livestock support to help 33,620 people.
  • World Vision has helped 250,000 people from pastoralist groups in the north of Somalia with cash for work, water trucking, rehabilitating earth dams and assistance to run small businesses.

And for those sceptical of the way charities spend their money…

Please think about donating HERE.

And you are not broke because you’re a student – that is a pathetic excuse for inaction.