Warwick Latin American Film Society

Will definitely be getting down to these showings in the coming weeks.

Rio Breaks – 20th October (week 2)

Described as ‘A story of surf and survival’ in this documentary, Justin Mitchell and Vince Medeiros explore a surf school set up in the Rio de Janiero. The non-governmental organization’s aim is to offer a better alternative to the gang warfare of the favelas.

The story follows two young boys, their friendship and their involvement in the surf school. ‘Rio Breaks’ is one of must important Brazilian documentaries to date, with a fresh approach to solving the problems of drugs, poverty and gangs in Rio de Janiero.


Chico and Rita – 27th October (week 3)

This animation is the story of two young lovers, Chico the piano player and Rita the singer. It follows their struggle of becoming musicians in Cuba before, during and after the revolution. It follows the ups and downs of the international music industry for Cubans, immigration to the US and young love. Written to a soundtrack of passionate Latin jazz, this film tells the couple’s story and their attempts at reuniting against the odds.