It’s Their Future

All we have in this life is what we’re taught as children and from the day we’re born the information is building

and foundations are a child’s motivation and set in concrete before that child ever speaks

so is fair to put the weight of the world on the shoulders of these boys and girls (I don’t think so)

and is it fair to blame the youth for the stress and the scum and the drugs and the guns (I don’t think so),

and our society is dragging up the children so fast that being kids will only last untul their innocent passed,

and I can feel it in my bones that we’re letting them down that’s why their standing on the corners in town,

and we tell them that life is hard you’re gonna need a job but you’re never gonna get one in nikes and a hoody,

and the generation gap is a great big void where there is no love for the girls and the boys,

cos all a child really needs is some affection and care and to be sure their not alone,

and the guidance and care that only parents can bring, and it has been a long time since we’ve heard the kids sing.

Lyrics from Farma G taken from the track Love and Peace