High Focus

Pull up the tune, pull up a pew, pull up the roots of all that you couldn’t consume, I could list all I cared about in my life to date on the back of a stamp with room left for a smiley face, no time to waste, these high rise blocks got skies to scrape, and these bright-eyed moths got lights to chase, I’m wide awake where are you, staring at your parents shoes scared that you barely moved, well I’m there for you, cos I’m weary too, because living the live the proper way is something that I rarely do, I aint half the man that I used to be, truthfully, but I’ma grow a newer breed mutant where the wounds should be, they say I aint changed a bit but that’s news to me, that’s news to me

Jam Baxter’s verse is on a different level.

The High Focus label is single handedly keeping UK hip hop alive – http://www.high-focus.com